Supersonic ex-combat jet flights in Cape Town, South Africa - Thunder City

Thundercity to launch 4 Lightning
Thundercity are planning another record attempt ... [more]

New Time-to-Altitude Record for Thunder City……
Two new South African records have ... [more]

Air Shows
Thunder City wowed the early spectators ... [more]

Thunder City English Electric Lightning Jet……
Thunder City will attempt to establish ... [more]


Rupert Smith's Thundercity Experience [more]

Paul Marits's Thundercity Experience [more]

Valma Muir's Thundercity Experience [more]

THUNDERCITY is unique, we own the world's largest and most diverse private jet squadron and we are the only civilian operator to offer supersonic flights in former military jets.

Choose from a variety of flight profiles; ultra high, super-fast, aerobatic, surface-hugging, formation or a combination of these.
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Werner Gärtner bei "Thunder City" in Kapstadt / Südafrika