December 2011 / January 2012 - Garden Route - Addo Elephant Nationalpark - Little Karoo

Africa Unknown. Our holiday destination, which we planned to visit during the Christmas holidays in 2011. Along with us, the spirit of adventure as well as a desire for rest and relaxation. Both of which we were able to experience in the exciting days that followed. Our first destination for one week was Cape Town. A stop in a wonderful place! The interesting location on the coast, the history and the lively big-city flair. The food was outstanding, we were able to enjoy fresh fish, oysters and sushi wherever we went.

During the following week we met Klaus Schindler in Hermanus. We started on our joint tour of the Garden Route. The three of us spent our first evening, New Years Eve, in a cosy restaurant in Knysna. We continued our trip down the coastal road to our next impressive destination, Addo Elephant Park. Accommodation, visits to restaurants and places of interest were perfectly planned and booked in advance by Klaus. We spent a relaxing time together in the rental car, as Klaus is a very safe driver. Our wishes were always considered. The highlight, a bungee jump from the Bloukrans Bridge was included into our Itinerary by Klaus at short notice without any problems.

A joint tour simply cannot be planned in a better way. Klaus, you receive full marks from us for your efforts, your knowledge and your competence! Thank you so much for wonderful moments and a wonderful time! We look forward to enjoying a glass of wine and grasping you in our arms again this summer, here with us in the Markgräflerland.

We departed from this spectacular country with a great deal of nostalgia. We are "Africanized" and will return very soon!

Schmidhauser, Bad Bellingen, Germany


December 2011 - Kruger Nationalpark - Garden Route - Little Karoo

"Without Klaus Schindler our trip to South Africa wouldn’t have turned into what it was."

His comprehensive knowledge, his kind and friendly manner as well as his perfect ability to adapt to our needs turned our holiday into a very special experience. Klaus did his very best to satisfy our every wish. Due to his long-standing experience, he was able provide us with excellent explanations about the animal world in the Kruger National Park as well as the Cape wine-growing region.

Not without melancholia did we say goodbye to Klaus and South Africa. We hope to see him again soon and look forward to a new adventure in this beautiful country.

Thanks a lot Klaus and all the best for you.

Nicole, Marc, Stéphanie, François, Luxembourg


November/December 2011 - Garden Route - Addo Elephant Nationalpark - Little Karoo

At the end of November 2011, I visited South Africa with three friends of mine. We had booked the Garden Route with Klaus Schindler. And so we drove from Hermanus to the Addo Elephant Nationalpark. On the way there the beautiful South African landscape provided us with an endless variety of unique impressions. Klaus took the time to show us as much as possible. When we arrived in the Addo Elephant Nationalpark, we were first taken to our fascinating accommodation in typical African style before starting on our very first game drive the next day where we got to see hartebeest, warthogs and zebra.

However, the most unforgettable experience for us were the hosts of elephants with their calves, which we saw not only at the watering holes but that sometimes even barred our way when we travelled through the park. Due to his expert knowledge, Klaus was able to provide us with many details about the individual animal species.
On the way back to Hermanus we stopped to look at the famous Cango Caves. Then we continued to Oudtshoorn via Route 62. At an ostrich farm we learnt more about ostriches. We continued our journey on Route 62 with its breathtaking landscapes. Our tour ended in Hermanus. It will continue to remain an unforgettable experience. One thing is for sure, a trip to South Africa is defintely worth it and it will certainly not be our last!

Regina Korsch, Rheinfelden, Germany


January 2011 - Kgalagadi Transfrontier Nationalpark

A whole universe in a few days!
In the "empty" desert we visited with lots of wild animals, were part of their everyday lives, very close to them and continuously felt part of new exciting things. Lead and accompanied by Klaus Schindler with all his experience, competence and openness: I felt taken care of all round, a sense of well-being - something really special.

I left South Africa with a whole suitcase full moments of pure bliss.

Brigitte Brecht, Zell im Wiesental, Germany


November/December 2010 - Panorama Route, Kruger Nationalpark

We were four travellers, young and old, who began our journey to the African continent to meet our guide, Klaus Schindler. We arranged to meet at the airport in Johannesburg from where our trip was to begin. Now I would like to briefly describe to you what we experienced during this time, even though this is not possible to portray or express in simple words. After a short round of introductions and small-talk we immediately realised that we were on the same wave-length.

And off we went, on our way into the broad and breathtaking expanses of the African continent. Klaus made every effort to show us as many worthwhile sights as possible, as well as the way of life and culture of the people. After our arrival in the Kruger National Park we started straight into the breathtaking plant and animal world. I think there was very little which we didn’t get to see. The trip, as well as the accommodation, was perfectly organised. You simply have to experience it for yourself, it was absolutely fantastic. A super tip for everyone.

And now for something more personal: when I met Klaus at the airport he was a stranger and when I left him, much too shortly afterwards, he had become a friend and it felt as if I had known him for ages. Thank you very much. If I were to work as a restaurant inspector, I would give Klaus Schindler at least 2 Michelin stars. It was a great pleasure for us all and definitely not the last time round.

“It is the people we encounter who make life worth living.“
  (Guy de Maupassant)

Stay healthy and hold on to your sense of humour, our warmest regards Willi, Ingo, Ingrid and Stefanie Kapferer, Hotel and Restaurant Waldeck, Menzenschwand, Germany


Februar 2010 Wine region - Garden Route - Addo Elephant Nationalpark

A long, cold, seemingly never-ending winter lay ahead of me. After the passing of my beloved husband, I subsequently lost my father very suddenly as well; he had meant so much to me. My newly built veterinary practice had cost me a lot of strength in the last months as well. I was completely down and out, finished, really; like never before in my life. Africa, I thought, Africa, which would shine a positive light on my existence, Africa who had always been so good to me.

To flee this winter and have sun, light, warmth, lots of colours in its stead… But, alone this time, my children could not avail themselves. We had already traveled to Africa together on numerous occasions, but everytime a situation arose, with which I would not have coped on my own: a broken fanbelt at the Etosha Pan, a flat tire on a lonesome stretch of gravel road – two hours away on foot to the nearest farm house. The unfamiliar driving on the left hand side of the road: how often had my son gripped the steering wheel and corrected our course?

Africa by myself? What a relief to find the address of Klaus Schindler. Planning and reservations, everything was arranged according to my wishes very promptly. Immediately after landing, I felt comfortable in the surroundings of this different world. Klaus met me and led me easily through Cape Town . The Table Mountain , the ocean, the breathtaking scenery, vegetation and nature on the southernmost tip of this vast continent blew all the sad thoughts and worries away.

One week acclimatization in Hermanus followed, Klaus lives in this beautiful town, which is known to be the best place for whale watching from the shore line. These grey giants arrive each year starting June until the end of November, in order to mate in Hermanus Bay and give birth there. The rest of the year they live 4000 Km away, at Antarctica . I was rendered besotted with this ocean, was drawn to the unbelievably high waves as if by magic, I remained still on the beach, watching. Wave upon wave – not one as the one before – crashed onto the boulders in the ocean. For hours on end I sat entranced by this spectacle. On a lonely bench in our garden at the sea my hectic nervousness drained out of me.

All the while the wild animals, the reason of my travels to Africa were waiting for me. A relaxing trip up the Garden Route , through the most beautiful scenery, with an overnight stay in Wilderness and Knysna, brought us to our destination: the Addo Elephant  Nationalp ark , north of Port Elisabeth.

There is nothing better for an animal lover than being near animals in nature in their original habitat. My tour guide had to engage the car door's safety lock so that I wouldn't jump out of the car. Those blundering elephant babies and the tiny warthogs, how I would have liked to pat them.

Klaus, forestry scientist and registered tourist guide, had so much time for and so much patience with me. He could explain so much to me and really had a good nose for being at the right place at the right time for animal viewing. Never before could I experience animals in their environment so closely. On past Safaris in Kenya and Namibia , I suffered due to the people travelling with me: Click, click. “ Lets move on, we already have enough photos of lions…” That always hurt me, finally being able to live my dreams and then be thrown together with these ignorant other tourists!  It was much better with Klaus.

The absolute highlight was a ride through the green hills of the Addo Elephant Nationalpark on my wonderful horse, that knew the terrain like the palm of its hand. It never stumbled, never reared. It managed to guide us through a dry riverbed filled with stones, over steep hillsides with thorn trees – there was no turning back, warthog holes were avoided by walking around them or simply jumping over them. We felt so safe, the horse and I, that we irresponsibly came too close to a large herd of elephant. Approximately 45 meters, that was just too close. The animals smelled us, the elders of the herd immediately rallied around the younger ones, while the biggest elephant made sure that we fled by throwing their trunks in to the air and pricking their ears. Even my brave horse showed signs of panic as the trot of the elephant shook the earth and their trumpeting cut through the stillness. I trusted my horse completely: I blindly grabbed some of its mane and let it flee into nearby woods at full gallop. How sad that I had to leave that horse in Africa . Back home I live with 13 horses and ride almost daily, but this flight made us become one.

There was another very good experience on this trip: I had told Klaus about my permanent agitation with my prescription glasses. He suggested I should have my eyes lasered in Cape Town . The cost for the procedure is a fraction of what it would cost in Germany . With that treatment mostly complete eyesight can be restored. Klaus knows numerous cases with an absolute positive outcome and organised an appointment with a specialist laser therapist, who has years of experience. Immediately after seeing the specialist, I agreed to go ahead with the procedure. It was an absolute success! It was truly unbelievable, before the operation I needed bifocals (spectacles for far and short sightedness)! One week later I was on Safari: without glasses! I feel like new: reading and operating without spectacles, I can see the birds fly through the sky. Klaus was my caretaker; he drove me to the necessary check-ups and made sure that I always used my eye drops. I saw that Klaus was used to caring for people with special needs, during his studies he was also employed as a night guard at different hospitals for some years.

Unforgettable encounters and adventures in South Africa live on inside me and enabled me to find my old self. Africa is waiting for me!

Dr. Sylvia Strasser, Kirchzarten, Germany


March 2009 - Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park

I had always wished of making a trip to the red dunes and the famous lions of the Kalahari Transfrontier Park. Since I travel on my own, I trusted in the services of the tour guide and forester Klaus Schindler, who organised everything superbly even though there was little time.

Because of his vast knowledge of the fauna and flora, this trip will remain an extraordinary experience.

I can highly recommend Klaus, professionally and personally. There was always enough time during our morning and afternoon excursions to peacefully enjoy the unique landscape and its animals.

I was especially impressed by the high blue sky with its fantastic cloud formations, the red dunes which were hardly noticeable at the time due to the heavy rains turning the landscape into many shades of green scattered with yellow and pink flowers.

My favourite animals were the gracious and lively Springbuck, the Gemsbuck with their funny faces and of course the lions. I watched for hours as they basked lazily in the sun, yawned and stretched, how the cubs played together, a great show.

I could carry on, but one thing is sure, I will be back.

Traute Meixner, Vienna, Austria


November 2008 - Addo Elephant National Park

In November 2008 my mother, my daughter, Klaus Schindler and I drove from the beautiful village of Hermanus to the Addo Elephant Park. Klaus Schindler created a personalised tour just for us, he chose the route and he booked the lodges. We all liked the lodges very much, they were in picturesque surroundings and we received excellent service. Klaus Schindler guided us through the Addo Elephant Park and made it an extraordinary experience by sharing his vast knowledge of the animals and their habits. We were all impressed with the tour and we all agree that everyone must see Schindler's Africa.

Sylvia Jahn, Bingen, Germany


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