INSIDERS' TIP: The South African 'Winter'


Come and enjoy the South African winter! Commonly referred to as ‘The Secret Season’among locals. You will be pleasantly surprised: the air is clean and fresh, the landscape is covered in green vegetation, interspersed with a delightful variety of flowers.

 A season of truly unique contrasts. 

Those who have been lucky enough to visit the Cape between approximately June until the end of September, are doubtlessly grateful for this experience.

The Cape in Winter
Regrettably foreigners are not familiar with the many advantages this local season has to offer and tend to avoidSouth Africa during this time. Even though it rains from time to time, temperatures can easily rise to above 20 degrees and the nights in the wine-growing regions sport an average temperature of approximately 9 degrees. 

More often than not the sky is painted bright blue and from time to time one can even enjoy a view of snow-cappedpeaks on the highest mountains, such as in Tulbagh, where they are up to 2,100 m high.

The North of the Country
An absolute MUST during this time of year is a visit to the northern parts of the country, in particular the Kruger National Park, but many other areas as well:

• Here it virtually never rains in winter, every day the sun rises into an azure blue sky!

• Many trees lose their leaves during winter and your view into the bush is less obstructed by foliage. This makes it much easier to observe the animals.

Due to the lack of rain, the animals frequent the watering holes much more regularly. In summer they are able to find water everywhere, due to the abundance of rain. 
Furthermore, they are much more sedate in summer as a result of the heat.
Therefore you are definitely able to view more animals during the winter season. 

A huge advantage is the fact that there is no Malariaduring winter and you can go completely without a prophylactic treatment

Another perk is that there a lot less visitors in the parks during this time. South Africa’s ‘big’ school holidays are in December / January.

Last but not Least:
Off-season means that you pay substantially less for everything. 

This goes for accomodation, a large variety of restaurants and, naturally, flights.



We hope that we have provided you with plenty of reasons to pay us a visit in 'Winter'!
If you are still unsure about these advantages, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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